This summer I talked a big talk about creating a scope and sequence, developing your curriculum, and making creative warm-up's. Now it's time to show you how I walk the walk. I want to share this with you to illustrate one main thing: I used to have to spend a LOT of time prepping outside of school hours, but now, in my 7th year of teaching, it doesn't take me as long AND I get to re-use materials I've previously created. PHEW!


I used to dislike the idea of beginning class with a warm-up or "do now," or a "bell ringer," as they're sometimes called. It seemed like a waste of time or a way to force compliance from kids from the first second of class onwards. Then, in my third year of teaching, I had a principal who taught me the magic of a good warm-up. I prefer to call them warm-up's, because that's precisely what they should do for students: set them up for learning today. Since then, I've used warm-up's every single day in a majority of my classes, especially with my younger students.