As I'm getting into the nitty gritty of my planning for this fall (TWO WEEKS TO GO AH!), I'm starting to think about what student outcomes I want this year. I already reflected on last year and revisited my teacher "why." Before I think about what I envision for myself professionally this year, I want to decide what to prioritize for my students.

What to include on your syllabus

The syllabus might be the most underrated document in teaching. It’s often SO boring, but it can be SO useful. Personally, I believe the key to a having a great syllabus is to make it short. Your syllabus should reference the key information for your class, and it should tell students and parents exactly what you expect.

IT’S HERE!! Introducing the ’20-’21 Teacher Planning Workbook

The '20-'21 Teacher Planning Workbook is now LIVE on Amazon. Get your copy today! This workbook outlines the exact process I go through each year when I plan for the upcoming school year. If you're feeling lost or overwhelmed, stop thinking and worrying and just get the workbook! It takes you through every step to [...]

Sneak Peak! ’20-’21 Teacher Planning Workbook

TOMORROW my '20-'21 Teacher Planning Workbook will be live on Amazon! I created this workbook because it's what I want to use to plan for next year. It's full of meaningful reflection questions and space for planning everything from your classroom set-up (if we're in-person), to supplies, to calendars, and even clubs.