Virtual Teacher Interview: elementary school art, Arizona

In today's interview, we're hearing from Lianna. She and I went to high school together and she is SERIOUSLY one of the most talented artists I've ever met! The fact that she's now teaching youngsters how to "art" makes me so happy and so excited for the future of humanity! Julia: Tell me about your [...]

Virtual Teacher Interview: high school computer science, Maryland

When I first got to college, I'll admit I was nervous, just like most students are! I was 3,000 miles away from home and I didn't know a single person who went there or had gone there before. My closest relative was a 5-hour drive away. Mom and Dad helped me unpack and set up [...]

Virtual Teacher Interview: grade 7 math/science, Toronto Canada

Guys. GUYS. This is big. I have a special treat for you for today's interview. We're hearing from Pamela Depooter, a grade 7 math and science teacher in Toronto, Canada (yes, we have to say "grade 7" not "7th grade" because that's what the Canadians say!). What Pam doesn't know is that she's been my [...]

Virtual Teacher Interview: elementary school art, Brooklyn

During my first and second years of teaching I was also going to grad school each night and every Saturday to get my MAT in Mathematics. During the weeknights I had classes with k-12 teachers from all over NYC. Sometimes we'd practice delivering instruction or directions and I remember whenever the kindergarten or early elementary teachers stood up to practice, the whole room would go silent and us high school teachers would watch, picking our jaws up off the floor after. The amount of energy these early-grade teachers brought to their instruction was INSANE. Everything was a captivating performance. In today's interview, we're going to hear from another friend from my hometown, Alyssa Pyle, who's changing the game of virtual teaching by delivering engaging lessons to her elementary kids every week.

Virtual Teacher Interview: high school English, Bay Area California

Today's interview is from fellow Bay Area high school teacher, Katharine Keigher. I met Kat through our mutual friend, Rachel, because we all love crafting! Cross Stitch, knitting, sewing, you name it! Fun fact: Kat has the most ADORABLE Etsy shop. I think you'll find Kat's interview enlightening, particularly in the ways teacher tech literacy affects classes and the truth behind the mental health issues distance learning is exacerbating.