Virtual Teacher Interview: high school English, Bay Area California

Today's interview is from fellow Bay Area high school teacher, Katharine Keigher. I met Kat through our mutual friend, Rachel, because we all love crafting! Cross Stitch, knitting, sewing, you name it! Fun fact: Kat has the most ADORABLE Etsy shop. I think you'll find Kat's interview enlightening, particularly in the ways teacher tech literacy affects classes and the truth behind the mental health issues distance learning is exacerbating.

Virtual Teacher Interview: high school ELA, the Bronx

I've been SO curious to hear how other teacher's experiences were with these first few months of distance learning. My former coworker, David DeWitt from the Bronx (once a Bronx Compass teacher, always a Bronx Compass teacher!), gladly shared his experiences teaching high school ELA at the DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. (I love that Mr. DeWitt works at DeWitt Clinton!!)

How Distance Learning Will Impact Teach for America’s Summer Trainings

With quarantine halting all travel and vacation plans for this summer, I've gone through a highly accelerated period of decompression and am already onto brainstorming for the next school year. My brainstorm usually starts with reflecting on the past year, which inevitably makes me think about my first year of teaching, which got me thinking about my Teach for America training during the summer before that first year.

COVID-19: What Other Schools Are Doing

Being a teacher is in my blood: most of my grandparents were teachers, some of my extended family taught, and my dad is currently finishing up his 30th year of teaching. My dad teaches middle school social studies in a public school in upstate New York. He's seen a thing or two in his day, [...]

COVID-19: Why Distance Learning IS Working for My School

Week 3, here we are. I can't lie, remote teaching is TOUGH. The days feel weirdly longer and shorter than usual. I honestly feel like a first year teacher all over again. So much is different than regular classroom teaching. With that said, after talking with my dad this weekend, who's also a teacher (7th grade Social Studies as opposed to my high school Math/Science), I realized my school was set up really well to succeed with distance learning.

COVID-19: My Tips for Transforming Materials into Google Forms

I'll admit, as a teacher I use a LOT of paper. I'd say I average about 5 sheets of paper per student per class. I agree it's good for humanity to "go green," but when it comes to effectively learning math I strongly believe that students need to write things down, and try new methods, and erase things, and keep detailed written notes. Now with COVID-19 and remote teaching, I've been forced to go digital.

COVID-19: Giving Math Feedback on Google Forms Submissions

Now that my first week of distance learning is done, I feel pretty good about most of my class structures. The one thing I couldn't solve was how to give feedback to students on their written/diagrammatic work. But just today I explored a solution I think will work: the comment feature on Google Forms.

COVID-19: Is Remote Teaching Easier or Harder than Regular Teaching?

After day three of remote teaching, I've decided it is neither easier nor harder than regular teaching. It's certainly incredibly different than regular classroom teaching, but for each thing that is easier, there's another aspect which is more difficult.