Most people are in the thick of setting new year resolutions. As a teacher, you're probably soaking up those last sacred days of winter break. You made your resolutions and updated your goals and habits in August or September - the true "new" year. However, it's actually good to jump on the "New Year New Me" train and update your plan for school.


Week 1 done! This week my school just did 1/2 days with students Wednesday through Friday. We did some whole-school meetings, as well as short individual classes. I've been thinking so much about school all throughout summer, it's funny too realize all the things I forgot about until actually starting again!

Digital Physics Labs

This year I'll be teaching two sections of distance learning physics. I LOVE physics - it's been my favorite subject since my sophomore year of high school (hence why I majored in it!). The trickiest part about teaching physics remotely, however, is how to still do labs!? Luckily, I've rounded up a few great digital resources this summer and I'm going to share all of them with you here!

COVID-19: Why Distance Learning IS Working for My School

Week 3, here we are. I can't lie, remote teaching is TOUGH. The days feel weirdly longer and shorter than usual. I honestly feel like a first year teacher all over again. So much is different than regular classroom teaching. With that said, after talking with my dad this weekend, who's also a teacher (7th grade Social Studies as opposed to my high school Math/Science), I realized my school was set up really well to succeed with distance learning.

COVID-19: My Tips for Transforming Materials into Google Forms

I'll admit, as a teacher I use a LOT of paper. I'd say I average about 5 sheets of paper per student per class. I agree it's good for humanity to "go green," but when it comes to effectively learning math I strongly believe that students need to write things down, and try new methods, and erase things, and keep detailed written notes. Now with COVID-19 and remote teaching, I've been forced to go digital.

COVID-19: The Basics of How to Teach High School from Home

Today I officially started teaching all of my classes via Zoom. My school is a small private school in California's Bay Area, so we've been prepping for the inevitability of distance learning for a few weeks now. While I certainly don't have it all figured out yet, I wanted to share the quickest, most basic tips I've learned over the weekend and from teaching today.