Define Your Teacher “WHY”

What is your Teacher "Why"? What even IS a Teacher "Why"? Your Teacher "Why" is a few sentences or a paragraph about why you first became a teacher, and what keeps you in teaching year after year. Teaching isn't just a job, it's a profession with a clear impact. And for many teachers it's their vocation.

Virtual Teacher Interview: high school English, Bay Area California

Today's interview is from fellow Bay Area high school teacher, Katharine Keigher. I met Kat through our mutual friend, Rachel, because we all love crafting! Cross Stitch, knitting, sewing, you name it! Fun fact: Kat has the most ADORABLE Etsy shop. I think you'll find Kat's interview enlightening, particularly in the ways teacher tech literacy affects classes and the truth behind the mental health issues distance learning is exacerbating.