In the spooky spirit of October, I want to share a scary story with you. Remember those school nightmares you used to have growing up? You forgot your locker combo. You had a final but didn't study. Well, teachers also have school nightmares. One of my nightmares was often a reality: we had one printer/copier for the entire school and it broke. But now I have a new nightmare: I'm teaching remotely and my internet crashes.

COVID-19: My Tips for Transforming Materials into Google Forms

I'll admit, as a teacher I use a LOT of paper. I'd say I average about 5 sheets of paper per student per class. I agree it's good for humanity to "go green," but when it comes to effectively learning math I strongly believe that students need to write things down, and try new methods, and erase things, and keep detailed written notes. Now with COVID-19 and remote teaching, I've been forced to go digital.

COVID-19: Is Remote Teaching Easier or Harder than Regular Teaching?

After day three of remote teaching, I've decided it is neither easier nor harder than regular teaching. It's certainly incredibly different than regular classroom teaching, but for each thing that is easier, there's another aspect which is more difficult.

COVID-19: The Basics of How to Teach High School from Home

Today I officially started teaching all of my classes via Zoom. My school is a small private school in California's Bay Area, so we've been prepping for the inevitability of distance learning for a few weeks now. While I certainly don't have it all figured out yet, I wanted to share the quickest, most basic tips I've learned over the weekend and from teaching today.