Hybrid teaching requires you to be two teachers at once: one for your in-person students and one for your Zoom students. After three days of hybrid teaching, I’ve learned a few tricks and am still looking for advice with this balancing act.


  • Angle your laptop or webcam (if you have a separate one) in between you and the bulk of your in-person students. This will make the Zoom students feel like you’re looking at them most of the time.
  • Provide paper copies for in-person students, but don’t forget to still publish digital! I almost forgot to publish the digital version of our warm-up yesterday morning in Algebra 1. Also, I noticed some in-person students still want to complete their projects digitally. Yay, ego-friendly!
  • Project your Zoom students on your projector/Smartboard! It makes it feel like they’re in the room when on gallery mode, and then you can do screenshare on Zoom and the kids in class can see it without logging onto Zoom themselves.
  • Configure your tables and chairs so that things are naturally 6+ feet apart. My tables are over 6 feet long, so having a student at each end is perfect.

Seeking Advice

  • How do I help in-person students individually without ignoring my Zoom students? Perhaps I could turn my webcam around so the Zoom students could still see me?
  • How do I help my Zoom students individually without letting everyone overhear our conversation? I set up a teleconference speaker for class, so my Zoom students could feel like they’re more in the class discussions. But then for one-on-one help, their voices were projected across the whole room!
  • Mask dampness… I don’t know how to put this a better way, but I talk a lot and my mask gets damp as the day goes on. Should I just bring in a spare?
Hybrid Day 3: helping my in-person Study Skills students with their Geometry work. OMG I wore this sweater on Hybrid Day 1 – embarrassing!

halp, plz,


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