Hydrodynamics + Field Theories?

How are hydrodynamics and field theories related? If you'd asked me early last week I wouldn't have much to say. However, after hearing Pavel Kovtun's talk at the Caltech Physics Colloquium last Thursday, I now see that they're pretty deeply related. I've always seen hydrodynamics as equivalent to fluid mechanics, which I dismissed as "an [...]


This November, I'm striving to take a step back and remind myself of all the things I'm grateful for. 'Tis the season of thanksgiving, and in lieu of not seeing my family for the holidays, I'll focus on gratitude (and Black Friday shopping, of course!). We've just come off the very long month of October, so this is the time for all teachers to focus on self-care and prevent burnout. Making a gratitude list and updating it regularly throughout this month is a simple, yet effective way to infuse some positivity into your day. I felt silly the first time I created a gratitude list, but I quickly realized I had a ton to be thankful for and even writing down just the little things put me in a better mood! I encourage you to try it for yourself!