I’ve got two weeks until school starts, so it’s now time to really dig in and get some prepping done. Many things are still up in the air, so I’m doing what I can now to help future Julia.

I’m starting with things I know are certain, so for my classes I’m going in the order: Algebra 1, Physics, then Programming.


  • set up Google Calendar for first few days, vacations, etc.
  • make new participation form – wait to see if we have a whole-school one this year?
  • brainstorm clubs
  • brainstorm Fridays


  • create Google Classroom
  • brainstorm new Warm-Up and quiz flow…
  • decide pacing
  • update syllabus
  • think about friendly baseline exam…
  • modify all Unit 1 materials


  • get Ranking Tasks book from school
  • get demo materials?
  • make Vectors the FIRST unit
  • update syllabus
  • Day 1 misconceptions form?
  • modify all Unit 1 materials


  • PYTHON ONLY – brainstorm different tracks…

I’ve always found it tough to balance planning during summer. Many people see teachers’ summers as pure vacation, but unless you want to be swamped every single school day, you really need to take advantage of your clear head and extra time to plan. At the same time, you need to re-energize and soak up that relaxation so you can start the year fresh.

My strategy this summer was to put off any concrete planning until August, because then I’d have roughly two weeks to prep everything. Now I want to say, the only reason why I’m able to give myself so little time is because I will most likely be teaching many of the same classes again. Also, now that I’m about to begin my seventh year of teaching, I find I can plan much faster than I used to. It really is a skill that gets better with practice.

Stay tuned for more plan-with-me’s the next two weeks!

Yours in planning,


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