Your Class Scope & Sequence, plus examples!

A scope and sequence for any class is a list of each unit name and the name of each lesson underneath that, in the order you want to teach them. It’s often required by school administration but I find it SUPER USEFUL to keep me on track during the year.

I like to make mine in Google Docs so I can link things to it. I’ve found as I get more experience as a teacher, I tend to include less detail in the scope and sequence and instead prioritize actually getting to everything in it!

Here are examples from throughout the years. (Ooh, a sneak peak into Julia’s teacher evolution!)

Geometry, 2014

Please note this is NON-EXAMPLE. This was from my first semester teaching and it has way too much detail. Prioritize the important planning! Learn from my mistakes!

Geometry, 2015

Perhaps this one had too little detail…

Physics, 2016

Notice how much of this is incomplete? Yeah that’s what happens when you don’t effectively plan backwards.

Algebra 2, 2016

Algebra 1, 2018

Physics, 2019

I combined short units from last year. Most inspiration came from Additionally, my students we rocking this year and we were able to do 3 extra units! We did one on magnetism, astrophysics, and quantum.

Algebra 1, 2019

This is what I currently use. You can see my notes on what I skip or what I’ve made into 2-day lessons. I’ve also included the Prentice Hall Algebra 1 Common Core Table of Contents – you can see that this is basically exactly what I modeled my class on.

Talk about going down memory lane!

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Planning, reflecting, growing,


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