What to include on your syllabus

The syllabus might be the most underrated document in teaching. It’s often SO boring, but it can be SO useful. Personally, I believe the key to a having a great syllabus is to make it short. Your syllabus should reference the key information for your class, and it should tell students and parents exactly what you expect.

            On your syllabus, make sure you definitely include this information:

  • The class name
  • Your teacher contact info
  • Required materials
  • Your grading policy

And I’d like to make a special note about required materials – this should really list the bare minimum students need. For example, in my Algebra 1 class I would love if every student had a TI-84 calculator but they’re super expensive and I have a few of my own in the classroom, so I just list them as optional on my syllabus.

After you include the syllabus must-have’s, you can think about adding these additional features:

  • The course description: explain why students should care about this class
  • Topics of study: or your units for the year or semester
  • Class flow: the typical structure of your class
  • Procedures: also known as rules, or tips for success

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