Virtual Teacher Interview: high school ELA, the Bronx

I've been SO curious to hear how other teacher's experiences were with these first few months of distance learning. My former coworker, David DeWitt from the Bronx (once a Bronx Compass teacher, always a Bronx Compass teacher!), gladly shared his experiences teaching high school ELA at the DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. (I love that Mr. DeWitt works at DeWitt Clinton!!)

Virtual Teacher Interview: middle school social studies, upstate New York

Being a teacher is in my blood: most of my grandparents were teachers, some of my extended family taught, and my dad is currently finishing up his 30th year of teaching. My dad teaches middle school social studies in a public school in upstate New York. He's seen a thing or two in his day, so when the whole distance learning idea started to solidify into a reality, he was ready for anything.